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A concept where you can chose! We know you are unique and everyone has different requirements. We will work with you to realise your dream residence whether it be for permanent residence or second retreat... At Aquitaine Vistas we will build some show homes but the object is to try to ensure that the buyer has choices to suit their specific requirements.

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Fully serviced building plots with planning from €40,000 with completed homes from €160,000; Your choice of plot and build in FRANCE from €200,000...

Aquitaine Vistas is designed as an exclusive community. The houses can be constructed in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Concrete must be used for the foundations, but the rest is "As You Like it".  VERY IMPORTANT is that we have both town water and sewage.

Whilst purchasers can decide upon any type of design or materials they wish, we will encourage all interested parties to use the most eco friendly available.  Our show house is constructed of solid laminated logs, insulated mostly with wood fibre, and clad in larch. The solid log construction together with its generous insulation materials will provide sufficient thermal mass to protect against cool winters and also from hot summers, meaning that energy usage and therefore bills will be efficiently low.

Each building plot has individual characteristics, so in order to create an attractive hillside development we will guide each client as to how specific plots might suit particular shapes or styles of house. Many decisions will depend on the requirements and budget of the client, but ultimately we endeavour to enhance the landscape rather than spoil it. All will conform to RT2012 regulations.

As much privacy as possible will be provided for each home through careful use of landscaping to suit the topography. Generous widows will be used to capture the superb views.  

We have standard designs in place for one-bedroomed cottages; chalets with 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms; and villas for those seeking larger residences. However, each home will be tailored to individual requirements, plot position, and typography, with many simple variables easy to implement.

It might be that you’d like a holiday home with rental potential for when you’re not in residence, in which case there is a rental programme. You can opt for a full management service including all cleaning and gardening, or simply a key security check and occasional walk through. We aim to provide a trouble free ownership, so there can be as much or as little service as you require. Your home can truly be tailored to suit you.

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FRANCE, Aquitaine Vistas

Fully serviced building plots with planning from €40,000 with completed homes from €160,000; Your choice of plot and build in FRANCE from €200,000...

Lot et Garonne, Tombebœuf

At Aquitaine Vistas, we want to ensure that the buyer has as much choice as possible to suit their specific requirements. As such, we will have some show-homes available to view as a guide, but there are many more options beyond those represented by the demonstration vistas. When buying a new home, you usually have the choice of wall colours, kitchen tiles, furniture, and perhaps a few fittings.

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