Buy to Let Property Investments and Much More

Even in these days of High Tech wealth many fortunes are made in the property letting market whether it be residential or commercial. For hundreds of years this has been the case in the United Kingdom as it proven by the Duke of Westminster who's rental estate in London has kept the family as one of the wealthiest in the country.

Because of continuing low interest rates buy to let property is a very strong investment benefiting from both regular income and capital appreciation and whilst we are not qualified to give investment advice if the numbers work for you and property fits your portfolio there are numerous opportunities.

We look for what we consider to be the best available using our main yardstick. (Would I buy this for myself ?). When we find something that fits our requirement we will include it on this page and try to keep an up to date list of worth while products.

The power of property 

Property investment is usually a win win situation. Whilst you benefit from a regular income you can also win as property values increase. It is true to say that sometimes the value of property declines. However if one examines the long term there has been consistent high level growth. We are not qualified to give advice but have watched land and property produce considerable wealth. Back in the 70s semi derelict riverside wharfs in Wapping, just down stream from Tower Bridge, were selling for £10,000. Some were developed into blocks of luxury apartments that now sell for well over a million pounds.

The Best of Both Worlds

How is that possible ??  Some of the overseas opportunities we present are different in that as well as offering an ROI from holiday letting they also offer investor some own use. Some plans even offer a fixed buy back after 10 years. You use the property when you want, leave in the rental pool when you don't want and then after ten years sell back to the developer. Sounds too good to be true but that is the fact.