Frequently Asked Questions


What gives us the ability to decide what is real and what is possibly phony?


This comes from the 30 years of experience in the international property arena. We have vast experience on the inside of this industry and can assess people and products quickly as we draw on that experience. As for you this is just like putting an old head on young shoulders and could be extremely helpful eliminating the bad apples from the barrel before you drink the juice.


What makes Premier Property Investment different from any other property portal?


The answer is simply that we apply a level of Due Diligences to all that we list. Our network of agents and suppliers are vetted for the following:

1. Is the what they offer deliverable?

2. Is what they offer sustainable?

3. Is what they sell ethical?

4. Are they of good reputation?

We apply these four questions to each and every product and if we feel that there is a NO in any of the four then we simply don’t list it.

Sometimes investors are fooled by the gloss of the marketing. Some of the smartest looking websites and smartest looking resort presentations conceal a product that will not deliver. We help protect you from the outset against such people and are therefore a filter against making a poor investment decision.