Mike has been in the international property business since 1984 when he took an agency contract at La Manga Club in Spain. He has directed the international sales operation of several high profile resorts including Aphrodite Hills Cyprus, The Landings St Lucia, St Endreol France, Tobago Plantations, Humber Valley resort in Newfoundland and Campo Real Portugal. Mike has also provided strong consultancy service to help develop products and associated services.

Michael Coyle - Principle


Whether you own a fraction or an entire property you can rent out the time you do not wish to stay in the property. The income you generate will contribute towards the cost of ownership or even cover all costs. This part lifestyle and part rental investment concept is gaining in popularity among investors all countries. Most of the properties we sell have established management and rental services.

Buy to Let

This has proved very popular with people building a property portfolio, especially during times when the cost of mortgage borrowing has been low. You own the property and let it on a long term basis. Both capital value and rental charges increase over the years creating wealth.
Exit strategy will vary with some choosing long term ownership and exit when the time is considered optimum. For those looking for a fixed exit we have several plans that can ensure a period of rental and an agreed exit strategy.

Holiday Homes

Buying a holiday home has always been popular but seldom has it been easier or more affordable. With properties, in some countries, still struggling to recover from the recession prices are generally very keen. In some cases it is possible to acquire a property at a cost lower than that of construction cost.

We help buyers to access competitive borrowing from various providers. Many of the properties we sell already have mortgage arrangements in place for qualifying buyers. There are some incredible deals with interest rates at their present level and it is even possible to have a 100% loan to value on selected properties. Contact us for more information.


The simplest form of fractional ownership consists of buying a fraction of a freehold property for which you receive “Title Deed”. Annual cost of ownership is similarly a fraction of the whole and just like whole property any rental income can be used to offset or cover the costs. With fractional ownership you own a tangible asset which is completely different from time-share ownership where you own a “rite to use” the property for a set time each year.


There is a lot to know before you re-locate. We can draw on our global experience to help supplement your knowledge bank and certainly point you in the right direction as far as your choice of property is concerned.



Many countries now offer residence visas to those investing in property. Amounts and condition vary enormously with each country so please contact us for more information on the country to which you plan to move.

Armchair Investment

With many years of property investment experience our team can genuinely offer you a range of alternative property investments from short to long-term with varying levels of both risk and return. If you would like to discuss your specific requirements please call for a chat on a “no obligation” basis. We may be able to help or point you in a direction where you will find suitable assistance.