WHY! Fractional Ownership

Investment in Property and Land are the cornerstones of most portfolios therefore investing in property for rental use has always been considered secure. or the For the investor/holiday user this is a win win because of the benefits of growing property investment whilst taking annual holidays. To be clear "Fractional Ownership" states what it means, you own, a part of the property. unlike timeshare when you only have, a rite to use the property, never accumulating value and usually suffer increased costs.

In addition to Real Estate for lifestyle and investment, the Premier Property Investment team has worked with both Time share and Fractional Ownership Projects on both sides of the Atlantic.  Whether aiming to make a sound investment, or find the ideal holiday home, we are here to help.

The benefits of fractional ownership are easy to see. Instead of investing a lot of money into a property that you will use only part of the year you simply invest to the extent of your anticipated use. Not for you? the problems of owning, maintaining and renting out to cover some of the coast. Instead you have your fraction to arrive, use and walk away. You leave all the problems to the management company. Just like using an hotel but better, because you own what you are using and benefit not only from your holidays  but also from the increase in value of your property whilst hotels get dearer every year.

Some fractional products offer great flexibility so that when you are not using the property you can benefit from rental income. In addition some offer a fixed price sell back to the developer after ten years. Therefore you chose when to use or not and if after ten years get your money back plus what ever bonus was agreed at purchase. WOW !! Call Us.


Tell me more!

Fractional ownership is unique opportunity where unconnected buyers collectively and securely own the freehold of a property whilst enjoying the fantastic benefits.

To find out how you can purchase a luxurious property in countries including the USA, France and Greece from just €15,750. Contact us now and we will send you further information regarding some of the options we have available, whether you are looking to use it purely as a holiday property or rental income generator we can work together to find the best solution moving forward and achieving your goal.

Why Fractional?

Enjoy amazing holidays in your property every year or enjoy circa 8% R.O.I

World renowned partners for financial peace of mind

Low costs or no cost full property management

World class facilities for all ages

Various luxury, global properties available

Ownership starts at just €15,750 - France, Limousin - (Various)

Ownership starts at just $39,000 - USA - (4-Bed Villa)

Ownership starts at just $53,500 - USA - (7-Bed Villa)

Last few villas remaining so contact us now if this is for you!

  • Minimum 7% return for 5 years then minimum 8% for 5 years

  • Optional developer buyback on year 3 & 5 at 100%

  • Optional developer buyback on year 10 at 150%

  • (4 bed Villa) Fractional ownership from $39,000

  • (4 bed Villa) Full Ownership from $429,999

  • (7 bed Villa) Fractional ownership from $53,500

  • (7 bed Villa) Full Ownership from $599,000

  • A 13th fraction gives you 4 weeks ownership.

  • Fractional ownership is a safe, secure and ethical means of ownership which allows you to co-own the title deed and not have to outlay the full cost of the property.

  • Property pays for itself . Fully managed, worry free ownership

  • Last few villas remaining

 This applies to all sales booked by the first of December.

As of 24 June 2019 our rental return will be for a period of 20 years and increase up to 10%. This brings the rental offer in line with the 20 year leaseback contract. Please see the information below:

  • Years 1 to 5 - Fixed 7% of price paid to customer

  • Years 6 to 10 - Fixed 8%

  • Years 11 to 15 - Fixed 9%

  • Years 16 to 20 - Fixed 10%

First years return paid up front ( 12 months) pro-rata to payments received.

  • 125% buy back contracted on year 5 from completion of property

  • 150% buy back contracted on year 10, 15 and 20 from completion of property

  • Fully managed and maintained when you’re not using your property

  • Flexible personal usage options

  • As an Owner, you will receive 25% off all facilities

  • Viewing trips available from just £129

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