A Good time to buy in France

A good time to buy in France

Lowest  mortgage rate

The Tec 10 index which gives a view on how much the French government pays to borrow money over 10 years in France fell today to 1.44%, its lowest ever level. This index reveals how positive the market is about economic growth prospects over the next 10 years and this new crash shows just how low economic sentiment has fallen in France.

This is positive news for would be buyers of French property as interest rates have now fallen to their lowest ever levels and may even go lower. A 10 year fixed rate in France now stands at 2.65% and a 20 year rate at 3.25%, the lowest we have seen for a little over a year and since the war before that.

It is even better for the UK buyer as the GB Pound  is currently so strong against the Euro and expected to stay that way.


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