Services for Buyers of International Property

To make apple juice you need fresh apples. Any bad fruit in the barrel will serious effect the taste of the juice. At Premier Property Investment we try to remove these apples before you start crushing the fruit.


What gives us the ability to decide what is real and what is possibly phony?

Answer: This comes from the 30 years of experience in the international property arena. We have vast experience on the inside of this industry and can assess people and products quickly as we draw on that experience. As for you this is just like putting an old head on young shoulders and could be extremely helpful eliminating the bad apples from the barrel before you drink the juice.

What makes Premier Property Investment different from any other property portal?

Answer: The answer is simply that we apply a level of Due Diligences to all that we list. Our network of agents and suppliers are vetted for the following:

1. Is the what they offer deliverable?
2. Is what they offer sustainable?
3. Is what they sell ethical?
4. Are they of good reputation?

We apply these four questions to each and every product and if we feel that there is a NO in any of the four then we simply don’t list it.

Sometimes investors are fooled by the gloss of the marketing. Some of the smartest looking websites and smartest looking resort presentations conceal a product that will not deliver. We help protect you from the outset against such people and are therefore a filter against making a poor investment decision. 

Developers choose Premier Property Investment

If you are planning to bring a project to the marketplace Premier Property Investment can help from the initial research and concept of the development through master planning to marketing and sales and even with construction project management. We are joined by a wide range of associates and contacts with many years of good experience.

One Stop Service

The Premier Property Investment team offers a one stop service to developers. We have been involved in marketing properties in many parts of the world for over 25 years and have built an enviable reputation by achieving the required results.

Prestigious International Awards

Many of the developments we have worked with the have won prestigious international awards for which we prepare the paperwork and applications both pre and post construction.

Fractional Ownership

In addition to Real Estate for lifestyle and investment, the Premier Property Investment team has worked with both Time share and Fractional Ownership Projects on both sides of the Atlantic. We are skilled at devising appropriate usage calendars to suit product, destination and market demand.

For further information about how we work please contact us and we will send you our corporate brochure

Fractional Ownership, More For Less

Whether aiming to make a sound investment, or find the ideal holiday home abroad, we are here to help.

The Premier Property Investment team has all the necessary skills to guide clients through the whole process. For first-time buyers or more experienced clients, the Premier Property Investment team makes buying property abroad as easy as possible.

Tell me more!

Fractional ownership is unique opportunity where unconnected buyers collectively and securely own the freehold of a property whilst enjoying the fantastic benefits.

To find out how you can purchase a luxurios property in countries including the USA, France and Greece from just £16,500 register your interest below and you will be sent further information regarding some of the options we have available, whether you are looking to use it purely as a holiday property or rental income generator we can work together to find the best soloution moving forward.

Why Fractional?

Enjoy amazing holidays in your property every year or enjoy circa 8% R.O.I

World renowned partners for financial peace of mind

Low costs or no cost full property management

World class facilities for all ages

Various luxury, global properties available

Ownership starts at just £16,500GBP

Visit our dedicated websites for three of our stand out fractional properties - (Click on THE LINKS PROVIDED BELLOW)

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Wyndham Halcyon Retreat



Hera Bay Luxury Resort