Luxury Villas at Halcyon Palms Orlando, Florida

Limited Offer till the End of September

We are enthused to inform you that we are offering a special promotional offer until the end of September only.
This applies for Halcyon Retreat in France and Halcyon Palms in Florida
We are matching the best of both deals and merging them into one fantastic deal!!!
This applies to all sales closed by the end of September.

  • 8% guaranteed rental NET FIXED FOR 10 YEARS


  • 150% BUYBACK YEAR 10




So from today until the end of September the deal is the same for both Halcyon Florida and Halcyon France.


  • Take a week’s use and the return reduces by 2% and for each additional week taken.

  • If you take more than a week you pay a ratio of the ownership costs. For example if you use your Halcyon Palms villa for 2 weeks you take a 4% reduction in return and pay 2 weeks’ worth of ownership costs ($1538 for 4 weeks therefore $769 for 2 weeks )

  • Only change on the French deal is we are also offering 150% in year 10 in addition to the 100% year 3 onwards

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Halcyon Palms Luxury Villa Resort is an exclusive, gated community just minutes from theme parks such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando and Legoland Florida.

Our luxury specification fractional ownership villas offer a unique benefit - you can still use your villa each year and if you join our leaseback scheme you'll pay no ownership costs - contact us for more information.

Bordered by a nature reserve, The Halcyon Palms features stunning fully managed and fully furnished 4 and 7 bedroom luxury villas, complete with large pools, spacious rooms, en-suite bedrooms and modern amenities, coupled with exclusive resort facilities. The most amazing thing however is that a fraction costs just £28,875 for a 4 bedroom villa7 Bedroom villas are £40,425 per fraction.

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Take advantage of this fantastic overseas property opportunity in one of the world's most visited locations, with hassle-free benefits included your purchase price.

When you purchase a 1/13th fraction in a 4 or 7 bedroom 'Grand Floridian' villa in the Halcyon Palms development, you are buying into a truly unique community. Your villa is not only just a few miles from the world’s leading theme parks (including Disney World, Orlando, just 10 minutes away) but, unlike any similar developments, you are bordered by the protected 500-acre nature reserve of Shingle Creek and there will be exclusive on-site facilities including a Clubhouse.

We fully manage your property if you buy one of our villas, so you never have to worry about your property when you’re not using it. 

Experience the area for yourself – take a viewing trip and receive a guided tour of The Halcyon Palms with our qualified US realtor.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements and for more information about the latest availability! If you're interested in owning a villa outright, we can assist you with that too.

  • Co-ownership in 4 and 7 bedroom luxury family villas

  • Luxury resort minutes from the leading theme parks in Florida

  • Optional developer buyback at 150% of the original price paid

  • Property pays for itself .Fully managed, worry free ownership

  • Purchase from just £28,875

Location:                          USA, Orlando, Florida

Property Type:                Villas

Bedrooms:                       4 and  7

House Size:                      252.88m2

Swimming Pool:              Yes

Bathrooms:                      4+

Furnished:                        Yes

Fractional Ownership:  From £28,875 (4 Bed)

Fractional Ownership:  From £40,425 (7 Bed)

Full Ownership available:               

Available Countries