St Camillus Care group

Who are St Camillus Care Group and What do they do?

St. Camillus Care Group Ltd was established to try and meet the growing needs of people with learning disabilities.

It is clear that both service users and carers expect more from their accommodation and day service provision and we are striving to meet their expectations across all of the services we provide.

 We provide services such as:
* State of the art education provision
* Learning disabilities residential services
* Respite care
* Bespoke conditions residential services

At the Vault we want to provide people with autism and learning disabilities with the tools and support to have a full life. We are offering full training and employment within the Vault with real links to employers outside of the building. 

Our vision for all of our users is:
* Achieve what they can when they can, but achieve something
* Have a clear educational day service plan for each user
* Support the introduction of work placements
* Develop in-house employment opportunities that are paid
* Provide skills based opportunities such as computer literacy and art and design
* Link with prospective employers to arrange work experience opportunities
* Encourage, develop and support all our users to be the best 


You can watch a short video below which highlights the latest investment opportunity we have with St. Camillus and no7 by la Tour, we have 21 units left available in this hotel which sits pretty right on the beachfront in Blackpool.

Not only is this an excellent opportunity for investors, but it also provides a base for the work of St. Camilllus Care group, the benefits on all sides are clear to see and we hope that this is an investment opportunity that also speaks to your heart as well as the bank manager.