Currency Partners

Are you getting the best rate of exchange for your currency?

Banks and institutional firms will never give you the best rate of exchange for your transactions for two reasons. Firstly it is not their core business and secondly they charge for each transaction. As a simple comparison if you were transferring £1,000 per month to a different country you would loose about £500 per year by using a bank rather than using our currency partner.

By using Premier Property Investment currency service you are ensured of a favorable exchange rate and do not have to pay any transaction charges. Opening an account is simple and there is no obligation to trade at all. The team of currency experts are on hand to help, advise and guide you through any query or transaction.

Mortgage Rates

Are you thinking about buying a new home? Or are you already a homeowner looking to save money on your mortgage payments? Every home and every homeowner is unique, but no matter your housing situation, we are here to help you save money.